About TenTact

Est. Fall 2011

TenTact Mission Statement:  “Striving to help businesses create and grow a presence in the world of the web and social media.”



We specialize in enhancing YOUR business to YOUR public using web design and social media optimization.  In today’s society people spend a great amount of time on computers, and mobile devices visiting websites and on social media sites primarily Facebook, and Twitter.  People find out information in from areas faster and more likely than they would reading a newspaper or watching a commercial on television, etc.

TenTact will build a full website integrated with social media for your business.  It is important for you to stay connected with your customers and potential customers to promote deals, to stay up to date with what is going on with your business, or simply just a way to connect to your customers.  Upon completion you will have the option to update and edit information on your site at your own leisure or hire TenTact to continue as your Webmaster.

TenTact also does social media advertising for your business, we have a following on social media that would make your business sale, promotion or ad in general instantly viewable by a vast number of people, mainly potiential customers in your area.  Our followers are people that live and work in the Bloomington-Normal and Peoria areas.


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